Todd Berman is a San Francisco artist who travels the world and his local community, sketchbook in hand. His art reflects the colorful eccentricity bound within moments and individuals; depicting scenes of people coming together to improve their surroundings.

You may have seen his crowd-sourced City of Awesome paintings when they filled 10 public buses as part of the 2015 SF Muni Art program.

Todd also uses his art to deepen understanding in all subjects as a specialist in arts integration. He is a museum educator for the Contemporary Jewish Mueseum, is coordinator of the Where Art Lives program for the Uphill Arts, and is an instructor with the Integrated Learning Specialist Program. 

As Director of the Arts Education Alliance of the Bay Area, he organizers advocacy and professional development efforts of local arts education organizations

Todd was born in the hills of West Virginia, grew up on Long Island, NY, and moved to San Francisco in 1998 after receiving a BA in Public Policy from Brown University.