Apr 18, 2012

The Maturation Machine auction page

Maturation Machine

The Maturation Machine
borative, acrylic and mixed media on canvas, 30" x 36", 2011
This machine transforms children into adults. Each student invented a component of the machine representing a system of society. Painting comes with a hand-written user's manual explaining the purpose of each machine component.

The Story

Owner's manual for Maturation Machine
the owner's manual
Maturation Machine DC900
component dc9000
Component JC9000 of Maturation Machine
painitng detail: component dc9000

In the spring of 2011, I was the long-term substitute English teacher for high school juniors reading and interpreting themes of maturation and societal systems in the books Catcher in the Rye and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. I asked students to think of what systems in society help to turn adolescents in adults and to draw a picture of a machine that symbolizes that system. We cut the drawings out and I collaged it onto a canvas with appropriately vibrant colors. Now it can brighten your wall.

Bid in the comments to own this painting.

All money from sale will go to the class of 2012 at Galileo Academy for the students who created it. 

Bidding ends Wednesday, May 9, 2012 at 7pm*.  

*I don't trust the commenting technology - so anyone who as already bid will have a few minutes to after 7pm to call me with aditional bids at 415 595-0337.

You can arrange to view the painting in person at my studio in the Mission..

Bidding will begin at $50.
New bids must be at least $25 higher than previous bids. 

How to bid
1) scroll to the bottom of this page and click “comments”
2) you will be asked to sign in through Facebook, Hotmail, Yahoo or AOL. If you are unable to use the comments (or if you'd like to remain more anonymous), you can send me your bid using the contacts section on the right.
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I may email you personally to verify your information and your bid. I may request a telephone number. Invalid bids will be promptly removed from the site. Bids made after 7:00 pm PST on 5/9/12 will be invalid.

Component JK300 of Maturation Machine
Component AL200
Component JK300 of Maturation Machine - the smiling face
component represents the advertising system. 
AL200: A teenager who goes off to college is like a new cog
trying to fit in an existing clock. 
Component CZ821
"The system of relationshipos is a machine that is like a heart
that intakes the unhealthiness of junk food...

Component DM483 of Maturation Machine
"The system on job employment is like a pencil sharpener..."

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