a pop-up art residency
518 Valencia, The Eric Quezada Center for Culture & Politics
August 10-11th, 2013 

Open Hours:
Saturday, August 10, 2 – 6pm
Sunday August 11, 12 – 5pm

Stop by to look at the art, or settle in to help make more. No skill needed to participate in a playground of creativity.

Your ideas about the questions, "What makes San Francisco so awesome? What threatens that awesomeness?" will become part of larger pieces of art.

Workshop: Satuday, August 10, 11am – 4pm "How to use visual art to build community and raise awesomeness." Sign up to learn art skills and exercise your creativity. All skill levels welcome. 

Art by Todd Berman, et al. exploring San Francisco awesomeness will be on display and on sale for the duration.

Instant commissions: Hire Todd to make an on-the-spot drawing - perhaps from a photo on your phone.

Want to partner or volunteer? Want to find out more? Contact Todd.

View the press release here.

RSVP and spread the word on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/events/220813904734774/ .

As I study what makes San Francisco so awesome, I've been adding to the artwork that will be on display. 


Here is an example of the sort of art we'll be making:

I asked people to draw a picture of what makes SF Tick. Their drawings became the collage materials and inspiration for the painting on this page, "SF Ticks."

Radiant Tower  - idea for what makes SF TickRobot Hat - idea for what makes SF Tick Triangles - idea for what makes SF Tick

Dancing Speaker - idea for what makes SF Tick Burrito - idea for what makes SF Tick Long Now Bike Wheels - idea for what makes SF TickBicycle - idea for what makes SF Tick