Substitute Teacher Artist,  acrylic and mixed media on canvas, 30" x 36", 2007
This painting represents several classes at Galileo Academy for Art and Technology working on some free form exquisite corpse style stories and drawings. Many of the students' writings and drawings have been collaged into this painting.  

I've begun sharing more about my process as an artist and educator. Follow along at The Art Don't Stop blog,  on Insta', and on Twitter as I use art to study how art can be used to learn.

Todd Berman promotes creativity and community by involving people of all ages in the making of art.

With over a decade of experience in a variety of classrooms, he can help you incorporate art into your curriculum as a substitute teacher, a consultant or in collaboration with organizations at your school.

As Teacher Coordinator for the Where Art Lives program of the SF Arts Commission, Berman is bringing teaching artists to 4th-6th graders in San Francisco to help students explore ideas about graffiti and public art.

Art Jam for Arts Education

Todd orchestrated a collaborative art project to help adults better understand the ways that the arts stimulate the brain. During a fund-raiser for Arts Ed Matters at a bar in San Francisco, participants were asked to draw pictures based on prompts associated with the 8 Habits of the Studio Mind. Here are pictures of that project.

The Maturation Machine
Mr. Berman was substituting for two High School Junior English classes reading and analyzing the novels, Catcher in the Rye and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. As a way of exploring the concept of societal systems and the process of coming of age, I had students make a drawing of a machine that would be a metaphor for some system in society that plays a part in turning adolescents into adults.

This painting and a user's manual that describes each component of the machine will be auctioned. The proceeds will go to the students who created it - into the funds for the Galileo class of 2012.

To be auctioned, collaborative with Mr. Roman's 11th grade classes, acrylic and mixed media on canvas, 30" x 36", 201

Explorative Painting
Sometimes, it's just about picking a topic and getting expressive about it. Take a look at this set of student paintings exploring the themes of Black Boy and The Great Gatsby. 

Moffett's Inferno
Ms. Moffett's high school English students were struggling to connect with Dante's Inferno, so their teacher turned to Mr. Berman. Each student was assigned one Canto to illustrate.

First, they painted the background using broad emotional strokes to capture the intensity of hell. Next, they attacked magazines with scissors (or used the internet) to collect pictures of celebrities and fictional characters who belonged in that particular circle of hell in the same way that Dante used the Inferno as a way to comment on the popular culture and society of his time.

The used collage to finish their illustrations and they each made a label for their painting. We hung the art on the walls of a hallway so that the viewer would be making their own decent to view all of the artwork.

The Best Things
This piece was a one-day project with a group of students in a special education class.  Each student drew pictures of the best things - such as zombies, the sun, money, iTouch, and lightening (among other ideas) - which Mr. Berman collaged into together to create a piece of art for their classroom.

collaborative, mixed media on paper, 9-27-2011 :: Created with Lorenzo, Jazel, Mark, Isais, David, Daniel, Jayana, Maranda, Chris, Tony and Alex during Ms. Piveronas' class.

Crazy City
Students in 1st period art at Francisco Middle School each drew a picture of a building out the window.  They were free to draw the building as crazy (or not) as they wanted. Mr. Berman combined their drawings into this view of the city.

collaborative, mixed media on paper, 10-27-2011 
by: Amy, Sayeeda, Jade, Alisha, Zora, Jennifer, Joyce, Chesca, Markell, James, Sam, Joe, the BAWS (aka the Win), Tony, and Peter. 

More Awesome City
Todd is currently working on a new series of paintings about the awesomeness of San Francisco. He is enlisting the help of many students. Read more here: .