"Everyone was blown away by the idea and execution. We cannot wait
    to prominently display your work in our home!"
- Matt Carreira and Nicole Dobrovolsky the day
after Todd created art with their wedding  guests


Hire Todd to draw your event

Todd can capture the vibe of your event with his markers. He can draw people on a stage or on a dance floor and post them online or on a wall for all to see. Keep the drawings as momentos, or give them as gifts to your speakers and guests. This set of drawings from Boing Boing: Ingenuity is a good example.

Hire Todd to make art at your event with your guests

Boost the creativity level at any type of event. Have a live artist collect ideas from people – whether by talking to them or by having them draw a picture (no skill needed, stick figures okay), then use those ideas as the source material and the inspirations for a painting on canvas.

Todd can create art custom-fitted for your event or he can bring the “City of Awesome" – an on-going project where Todd asks people what they do to make the world more awesome and to draw themselves in action ("no skill needed, stick figures okay"), then collages them into paintings of San Francisco (or wherever the event is located).

  • Rates start at $100 for two hours and $30 per each additional hour and can be applied to the price for commissioning a collaborative painting. Discounts may be available for non-profit events. Addition travel expenses may apply outside of bikeable areas of San Francisco.


My guests aren’t artists – how can they help make a painting?
No skill is needed to help make a painting. Todd will make their ideas and stick figure drawings look beautiful on the canvas.

I don’t want to put my guests on the spot.
Participation is purely voluntary. Your guests will be lightly coaxed for their ideas or can avoid the art altogether.

I want to really challenge my guests.
We can do that too. We can put a piece of paper in front of everyone and ask them all to draw their self-portraits. It’s up to you.

I don’t like all of Todd’s paintings. How can I be sure that I’ll like the one he makes at my event?
Tell Todd which of his paintings you like the most, and he’ll make sure to make a painting you’ll appreciate.

Will the painting be finished by the end of the event?
That depends on how long your event is. Todd can usually finish a painting over the course of a two-day conference. If the event is just one evening, he will probably need to finish it back at his studio. The image will be made available online for all your guests to see.

What will the painting be of?
That’s something we’ll work out together. The theme of the painting should be based on what you want your guests to be thinking about. The painting can be a representation of the event, or it can be about a more abstract theme.


Each of the paintings below was created at an event using ideas from the guests.

Deckstravaganza - 36" x 24"
Guests at a deck-warming party drew pictures of themselves on paper. These drawings were cut out and collaged into this painting of the party.

Collective Picture of Progress
Collective Picture of Progress - 20" x 24"
I asked people at "Picture Progress," a fund-raising event for the League of Young Voters, to draw a picture of themselves creating social change.

Happy Birthday Century 21
Happy Birthday Century 21 - acrylic and marker on canvas, 11" x 14"
Century 21 celebrates their birhday at the Real Estate Connect Conference. Inman News, the organizer of the event, hired me to paint portraits of many of the speakers at the event. See all the art from this event here.

Real Estate Connections
Real Estate Connections - 48" x 36"
created this painting live over two days at the Real Estate Connections conference in San Francisco. I asked attendees to give my ideas for what imagery should be included in a painting about the Real Estate Industry. Find a more detailed description of this process in this album on Facebook.

The World According  to Young Non-Profit Professionals
The World According to Young Non-Profit Professionals - 20" x 24"
Guests at an event honoring volunteers with the Young Non-profit Professionals Network gave their ideas about what drives social change.

The Ultimate Effective Classroom
The Ultimate Effective Classroom - 30" x 36"
Educators and donors at a fund-raiser for RISE (Resources for Indispensable Schools and Educators) were asked to draw pictures of things they'd like to see in a fantasy classroom.

World Cafe on 25th Street
World Cafe on 25th Street - 16" x 20"
In 2007, neighbors gathered on 25th street to sit down and talk in a "World Cafe" style neighborhood assembly. Participants were asked to draw a picture of themselves in the neighborhood. The painting also includes notes written on the paper tablecloths.