All the people in these paintings are self-portraits. People were asked, "What do you do to make your city (or the world) more awesome?" Then, "Draw a picture of yourself in action."

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Awesomeness on Market Street

$1000, 28" x 22", acrylic and crowd-sourced mixed media on canvas, 2012 :: People on Market Street at the corner of Golden Gate drew pictures of themselves in action making San Francisco more awesome during the 2 Blocks of Art festival on September 28. Their drawings have been collaged into this painting of that intersection. Thank you to the San Francisco Arts Commission for sponsoring the City of Awesome project to be at 2 Blocks of Art. Several artists from the Hospitality House also participated. See the original drawings at:

View of San Francisco Awesomeness

acrylic and crowd-sourced mixed media on canvas, 24" x 36", 2012 :: People at the San Francisco Green Film Festival, Mission Arts and Performance Project, Flax Art Store, Sunday Streets, and Lincoln High school drew pictures of themselves making San Francisco more awesome. These drawings are included in this painting featuring a view from Japantown.

24th Street Awesomeness

acrylic and crowd-sourced mixed media on canvas, 11" x 14", 2012 :: This painting was auctioned to benefit the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition at the 2012 Winterfest fund-raiser on December 2. ::All of the figures in this painting are self-portraits of people in action making San Francisco more awesome. They were all drawn at a Sunday Streets event in the Mission District in July, 2012.

City of Awesome: Portland

$450, acrylic and mixed media on canvas, with accompanying booklet, 2012 :: The people in this painting are self-portraits drawn by people in Portland to represent what they do to make Portland more awesome. It is currently on display at the Independent Publishing Resource Center Artists who drew their self-portraits for this painting include: David, Phanny Longbaught, Brian Bost, Shana Lane-Block, Anne, Rachelle Koivunen, Maya Grace Todd, Katie, Mitchell DeShazer, Sarah, Michael Haluska, hawkk, Sol Cloudancer, Kevin Nichols, John Ciampi, Heather DeShazer, Sharon Rowland, Jenni B., Tami, Sofia Adisin Linde, Liz Nichols, Rolia Manyongai-Jones, Mara Haeri, Chad Essley, Taylor S., Judy Crockett, Matt, Le Badgier, Beth, Angela, Mama, Hooty McBoobity, Julie, Crystal Henington, Akira Peterson, Megan, Sarah Buchanan, Johnny insanity la Mosley, Karen Looney, Susan LeMaster and Steven Bailey, Aaron Schmeckpeper, Mary B., Leslie Foeller, Pete Landers, Ashton Verburg, Alex, Sammi Knudtson, Alex Churn, Indigo Kerr-Harding, Marcy, Amaya Gustave, Fred from Brussels, Angela Haluska, and Collin Elliot.

City of Awesome - Soundwave ((5)) at the MakeOutRoom

$200, crowd-sourced mixed media and acrylic on canvas, 8" x 10", 2012 -- price includes booklet of awesomeness answers :: The people in this painting are self-portrait drawings by people at Big Bang, a benefit for the Soundwave art and sound festival held at the Make-Out Room. Learn more about the process and see the original drawings at City of Awesome Tumblr.

Galileo Awesomeness

SOLD, 30" x 24", collaborative acrylic and mixed media on canvas, 2012 :: Students and some faculty at Galileo Academy of Science and Technology drew pictures of themselves in action, making San Francisco more awesome.

Awesomeness Fueled by Pie

24 x 18", acrylic and mixed media on canvas, collaborative, 2012 :: See this painting at John Brody Salon from March 20, 2013 until April 30. Opening party March 23 People at Mission Pie drew pictures of themselves making San Francisco more awesome during the Awesome City exhibit. Those drawings were collaged directly onto the canvas. See the original drawings at :: Contributors include Elvia Buendia, David Ricardo, Wise Sons, Joe Wolf, Eryn, Francisco, Gabi and Javi Ramirez, Claudette Heisler, Sydney Roberts, Harper Roberts, Meredith Scheff, Erin Farrell, Sullivan Lane, Tessa Pogorelskin, Ailish O’Connor, Luzzulema, Felix, Richard Tsang, Daniel Coxxer, Karen Heisler, Gabriela, Jim Rizzo, Stephanie Ramirez, Alex, Joel Chaidez, Alex J, Debbie G, Olina, Nicole Walsh, Christy Becker, Jessica Aebi, Chris Stevens, Seth Familian, Gisela, Adela Laczynski,Brigid, Brigitte, Kris Morrison, Matt H, Stephanie, Erin Rebholz, Neil, Chai and Tej, Hannah Masius, JP, Eden Gallanter, Colin James, Anita Rao, Anke, Travis Leeper, Venuzia, Jody Frandle, Stephen S., Jess Hichok, Sandra, Splendy, Barbara Vincent, Sally, Duncan Rocha, Dayna Sparkle, Tracy, Natalie Greene, Parker P., Dan Cutting, Willy, Lili, Elizabeth and Thomas, Francsesca, Emilie, Gabi, Alexa & Alicia, Virginia, Stan, Daniela Lapidous, Fabian, Tom MacKenzie, Christin, Kaela, Oona Fitzpatrick, Omar Hutchins, Tehmina Khan, Shayna, Anna Larsen, Sophie, Anna (Stapler Igloo Rat), Christin, Kaela, Elizabeth, Rhiannon Charisse, Luke Chastain, and Rodney Seco.