Aug 6, 2013

City of Awesome out on the wall

I added City of Awesome self-portraits collected at John Brody Salon and an Emerging Arts Professionals event to the (de)Appropriation wall on Valencia Street adding to portraits from the InsideOut project. I peeled off layers of poster to create an image of Twin Peaks, then collaged on the self-portraits to look kind of like fog.

JR took peoples portraits and pasted them on the wall for the Inside Out 11M project - I felt they could use a little context. I think the City of Awesome project, about how the people of the city are what make that place so awesome, pairs well. 

The (de)Appropriation wall has been the home to public art in the Mission for over a decade. The tradition is that art prints keep getting layered on. Some people get testy when one project completely plasters the wall, but I think that provides a nice reset to the evolution of the imagery - and the Inside Out Project is certainly appropriate.

What’s silly is the guy who came before me and spray-painted “Graffiti over this” across the wall and sprayed out the eyes of the photographs. There’s nothing wrong with spraying some paint on the wall, but you ought to make it interesting.


Jul 28, 2013

Awesomeness from John Brody Salon

Visitors to the art show at John Brody Salon in Spring 2013, drew pictures of themselves making San Francisco more awesome. Take a look at all their awesomeness in this slide show.


Dec 4, 2012

Detail of ‘Awesomeness on Market Street’.

Here is a list of artists who helped create 'Awesomeness on Market Street’ (full painting in the City of Awesome gallery). Follow the links to see what awesomeness each of these people are promoting in the world -

Fernando Calixtro, Robynn Takayama, Diego, Ronnie Rhodes, P.S., KD, Dialo, Aaliya, Carnley, Benjamin Packard, Alexandra Wilder, Juan Juan Li, Rosa Cruz, Bike Li, Maya Moksha, Nova Avon, Karina, Doug, Cheyenne, Sharpio, Abi Takahashi, Alta Moore, Hoyt Walker, Liz Ordway, Becks, Eric Woo, Gabs,, Paula,  Yasi, Estefani Marquez, Tom Hundt, Brenda Sotelo, Matt Hairfield, Ari Frink, Vaughn Davis, Brigita, Billy Fucking Miller, Yessy R., Alison, Soo, AL, Dastagir Husain Kanga Splendy, Carla, Wayne, aKarmicvibration, Viarce Lawson, Maria Allocco, Jessica Aebi, Doug, Tavo, Daron, Ola Carlvik, Veronica Rose, and Hospitality House artists, Mega, Fig, Toben, Adolf, and Rick.