"... I sent [Todd] a few pictures I had of my brother and his fiancé traveling around the world, and I told him about how he proposed and some other things I knew they would recognize and laugh about. 

When I brought it to San Diego to give to my brother and his wife a few weeks after their wedding, they were more than pleased. They couldn't stop staring at it and noticing all the charm and nuances that pretty much summed up their lives together while they dated and were engaged. 

Quite possibly the best wedding present I've ever given and I just wanted to make sure Todd knew how appreciative I was of his talent and willingness to work with me on this project." 

 - Phillip H. on Yelp

paintings for sale

a selection of drawings for sale

Buy a Work of Art

Contact Todd to purchase art or to schedule a studio visit so you can see the art in person.

Layaway plans, volume discounts and other arrangements may be available.

Note that the prices of many of the collaboratively created pieces include a donation to a relevant non-profit.

Commission New Art

You can request a custom piece of art by Todd.

Click here to view an album of art created from photos.

Click here to see a portfolio of commissioned art.

He can make a drawing or painting from photos, life or his imagination. If someone bought the drawing you want, you might be able to commission Todd to make something similar for you. Describe what you'd like or just pick a theme and let him do his thing.

You can ask for anything from a $10 portrait for your Facebook profile to a $2200 3' x 4' painting on canvas. You can have Todd draw an 8" x 10" picture for $70. 

Something special that Todd offeres is a crowd-sourced painting that incorporates drawings by many members of your community. Learn more about how this works on the 'art at events' page.

Prices for commissioned acrylic on canvas paintings.

Canvas size


8” x 10”


11” x 14”


24” X 18”


36” X 24”


48” X 36”


Prices for other sizes of canvases can be extrapolated.

No painting leaves the studio without meeting the high standards of the artist.

These prices assume that the customer provides all necessary images. Add 20% for Todd to research imagery for your concept.

Crowd-sourced paintings – Todd will coax the members of your community to make drawings that will be collaged into your painting.

Canvas size

Number of people


8” x 10”



11” x 14”



24” X 18”



36” X 24”



48” X 36”



Buy a Print

See what's available on my Society6 account. If you are interested in prints of any other images, just ask!

License the Art Images

Good Day Sunshine in Pierre Valley painting on textbook cover Todd reserves some rights on all of the images of his artwork (details here). Go ahead and put bone of his pictures on your computer desktop or print out a copy to show your friends, so long as you give him credit for the work.

However, if you'd like to use the image for any commercial or fund-raising purposes, you'll need to contact him to work out a licensing agreement. Even if a piece of art has been sold, Todd retains the copyright.

The publishers of the Sociology textbooks, "Sociology in our Times: the Essentials" have used images of Todd's paintings for the covers of the 6th and 7th editions.

You can also commission art for your specific needs. Christina Ammon commissioned Todd to create this illustration to adorn her website, WithThisRingProject.org.

Earn Some Art

You are hearby deputized to be Todd's agent.

If you bring Todd a customer, he'll give you a 30% finder's fee worth of art. If your aunt Margie spends $100 on a small painting, you can choose or commission a $30 drawing. If your work buddy Stan hires Todd to make a $1000 painting at his anniversary party, you can hang a $300 piece on your wall.

How can you convice them to buy? You can hit the "share" button on Facebook posts. You can bring your people over to the studio to see the art in person. You can even host a reception in your home - Todd will bring over some art and we can show them the rest of it on a computer screen. When someone is trying to think of a unique gift for their loved one, suggest a drawing based on vacation photos.

Every piece of art that is sold funds the creation of the next piece of art.

Thank you for supporting the arts.