You are at an event, in a classroom, or just walking down the street when someone asks you to help make some art - "No skill needed, stick figures okay." I hand you a clipboard and you follow the directions:

"What do you do to make San Francisco (or the world) more

"Now, draw a HEAD-TO-TOE picture of yourself in action." 

Your drawing will be collaged into a painting of your city, and your answer to the first question will be included in a booklet with everyone elses answer.

Thank you for helping make some art that properly represents the awesomeness of the world we live in, because the awesomeness of the world is a made up of all the little awesome things that all the people do - just as the small acts of creativity by hundreds of awesome people add up to a beautiful painting.

Take a look at the paintings we've made.

Add your awesomeness

Come to an event to make your drawing - or follow The Art Don't Stop on twitter and facebook to catch up with the City of Awesome during more spontaneous outings.

Help with the awesomeness

Do you have a venue or an event filled with awesome people?

We can explore awesomeness as an event curiosity, as a team-building activity, as a classroom lesson, or with a self-service installation.

A collaborative painting is a great way to trumpet the awesomeness of your organization while strengthening and energizing your community.

Contact Todd to see where we can take this concept.

Follow the progress of City of Awesome more closely on the City of Awesome blog.