Artist Statement

My mission as an artist is to promote creativity. I do this indirectly through my own style of expressionism or more directly in my collaborative art.

When I look around, whether in the neighborhoods of San Francisco or while traveling the world, I do so with a sense of wonder and possibility. This translates into the energetic lines and vibrant colors of my marker drawings and acrylic paintings. With all of my art, I am saying, “Look how fun this is! Let us all constantly re-imagine the world around us.” That is my indirect way of promoting creativity.

When I make collaborative art, I ask people in public, at an event, or in a classroom to write or draw an idea on paper. For instance, I will approach you on the street and ask you to draw a picture of yourself (no skill needed, stick figure okay). I will cut your picture out, along with drawings done by your neighbors, and collage you all together into a painting of the neighborhood. The result is a painting that represents the diversity of a community.

With these paintings, I am directly prompting you to be creative, then I am showing you how your creativity can be part of something larger – something beautiful. And I bet you had lots of fun participating.